1. asymmetry, lack of symmetry, unequality, unequalness; unevenness, roughness, jag-gedness, ruggedness, cragginess; lumpiness, bunchiness, humpiness; crookedness, circuitousness, circuity, roundaboutness, tortuousness, deviousness.
2. unmethodicalness, immethodicalness, methodlessness, inconsistency, desultoriness, unsystematicalness, systemlessness, inconstancy, erraticism, eccentricity, capriciousness, caprice, orderlessness, variableness, variation, changeableness, changeability, fickleness, mutability, mutableness; disorderliness, confusion, disarrangement, unsettledness; spasmodicalness, fit-fulness, uncertainty, unpunctualness, disconnectedness.
3. oddness, strangeness, queerness, curiousness, bi-zarreness, freakishness; singularity, singularness, exceptionality, exceptionalness, unusualness, uncom-monness, uncommonality, unconventionality.
4. anomaly, aberration, perversion, Rare. anomal-ism; abnormality, abnormity, monster, monstrosity, mutant, freak, heteroclite, malformation, miscreation, abortion, deformity; oddity, peculiarity, curiosity, rarity.
5. deviation, aberrance, aberrancy, divergence, digression; lawlessness, unruliness, disorderliness, wildness, turbulence; impropriety, indecency, immorality, licentiousness, lasciviousness, lewdness, promiscuity, promiscuousness, Inf. looseness, laxity; wantonness, depravity, degeneracy, dissoluteness, dissipation; inordinacy, intemperance, excessiveness, extravagance.

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